Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NUKiLan RAsa HatIKu..

hye...emm tetibe i need some place to share my feeling..
can i tell you my blog...?
"only you in my heart forever.."
thats what i keep tell my heart about that sentence..
every beat of my heart keep repeating the same sentence..
i really appreciate the sentence..even i dont know who was the person and i hopes thats always be me..
and people said that purple show sadness and suffered..
is that true?
but i choose this colour maybe because another reason.. my dream i always saw myself..
 fly through the sky and reach you..
whats that mean?
because i miss u so much?
because i need your warm hand to hold me?
because i need your concern and care?
because i scared to release your hands from mine?
or because i didn't feel your love anymore..?
there must be reasons why someone changed..

problems was something to share to someone you love..
not to keep to urself until u hurt..
because when you hurt, the one you love will be more hurt..
so..the solution be honest and never feel alone..
but if u made urself alone, u'll made others feel more lonely..
if u need someone to calm you and always be with you..
its same with the one u love..they need you more than u thought..
never forget that u have people who really love u and always give support to u..
unless u ran from them and keep hide urself at a dark corner..
this make them never see u and cant help u then....!!

that just a short conclusion on my novel that i had read..
not regarding to people who live and die..
simple is cute babe...mmuahhhh

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