Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To LeT yOU kNOw..

wHen i faLL In LOve
iT wiLL be FORever
Or I neVer FaLL iN loVE
IN a REstLEss WORld LIke THis Is
 lOVe IS enDEd BefORe ITs BEgun
ANd tOO mANy MooNLIghT kIseS
sEEm tO cooL in THe WArmTH oF thE SuN
wHEn i GiVe mY HearT
iT wiLL Be COMplETEly 
OR i NevER gIve My hEARt 
ANd tHE MOmenT I can FEel
tHE sAmE waY ToO
iS wHEn I faLL in LOve wITh YOu.. 

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