Wednesday, January 12, 2011

wiTHOut woRd..

SHoulD't HaVE doNE it
sHOuLd'T haVE igNOreD IT
liKE it WOULd't BE sEEn
I doNT tHINk i ShoULd't HavE seeN yoU
sHOuld'T hAVe RUn AwAY
ShoULd'T haVe PRETendED NOt tO heAR
LikE It WOULd't Be hEARd
LiKe It couLD'T bE hEarD
i sHOULd't hAVe LIsteNed TO YouR loVE
wiTHOUt WORd yOu  MadE mE KnoW yoU
WIthoUT woRD yoU GavE Me YOur LOve
MAde ME FilL mySELf WIth YOur EVerY bREAth
TheN you RAN aWAY
WItHOUt WOrd LovE leFT Me
WIthoUT WOrD lOVe tOSSed mE asiDE
Not kNOwiNG WhAT to SAy
My liPS MusT HavE BeeN SurpriSED
BecauSE U caME witHOUT woRD..

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